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Prop Tech and Unlocking the Value of Data – Mike Hart of JLL

SVP & National Director of Data Management and Technology Operations, Mike Hart, joins us to discuss his multi-faceted approach to integrating technology into a large company, adopting a data-driven strategy and how crowdsourcing ideas has led to some of JLL’s most impactful innovations.

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On-Demand Healthcare and Predictive Modeling – Dr. Nirav Shah of NorthShore University Health System

NorthShore University Health System – Infectious Disease Specialist and Vice Chair of Quality, Dr. Nirav Shah, joins us today to explain why the millennial call for on-demand service is changing healthcare, how wearables will improve patient outcomes, and all the ways leveraging predictive modeling helps determine both risk and course of treatment.

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Avoiding Digital Seduction – Guillaume Deudon of the Dow Chemical Company

The Dow Chemical Company – “We’re now the new Dow,” says Director of Digital Marketplace Centers and CX services, Guillaume Deudon. On this week’s episode, he joins us to discuss understanding what motivates your company, creating a global network, and next-generation interfaces.

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Building an Ecosystem of Strategic Partners – Stephanie Miller of Mondelez

Mondelez – On this week’s episode Global Technology and Innovation Lead at Mondelez, Stephanie Miller, explains how she has helped Mondelez “move to a test & learn culture,” how she manages innovation at scale, and why the most successful CPG companies will aim to reignite their current brands through experience. #UnlockingInnovation is a podcast by […]

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Tech-Driven Innovation and The Future of Construction with Burcin Kaplanoglu of Oracle

Oracle – Dr. Burcin Kaplanoglu is the founder of Oracle’s Engineering and Construction Innovation Lab. On this week’s #UnlockingInnovation, he talks with us about engaging with the tomorrow’s workforce and clears up some misconceptions about the role of robots in the construction site of the future.

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