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Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Foster Human Connection – Marc Adams of Verizon

After three decades in his industry, Marc Adams of Verizon, has seen a rapid advancement in technology that has led […]

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Transforming Chicago into a Tier One Innovation Hub – Brandi Bridges of P33

P33, embodies the past, present, and future of Chicago. Its name refers to “purpose, plans, people, and progress” as well […]

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Radio Flyer Classic Wagon

Connecting to your Brand’s Highest Purpose with Robert Pasin of Radio Flyer

The job of a Chief Wagon Officer at one of the world’s most iconic brands, Robert Pasin says, is to […]

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Woman with COVID-19 Mask on

The Challenges and Breakthroughs of Healthcare in the Age of COVID-19 with Dr. Nirav Shah of Northshore Healthsystem

Northshore HealthSystem – The world of healthcare has completely transformed since we last spoke to Dr. Nirav Shah, Infectious Disease […]

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Business Woman thinking

5 Ways Make an Impact with Your End-of-Year Surplus

As the year draws to a close, many business leaders find themselves in the same boat: spend your budget surplus […]

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automated manufacturing

Creating a World without Waste with Stephen Pratt of Noodle.ai

Noodle.ai – “Shareholders need it, customers need it, the planet needs it… every part of your organization should have some […]

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What If We Looked at Things Another Way? with Melissa Donaldson of Wintrust

“Are we maximizing our decision making opportunities by ensuring we have different perspectives around the table?” asks Melissa Donaldson, Chief […]

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Picture of Modern Home

Powering the Home of the Future: Clean Energy, Equity, and Sustainability with Phil Nevels of Exelon

“I can’t think of an industry that has a greater impact on the future of our society,” says Phil Nevels, […]

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Openness and Trust: Keys to Leading Remote Teams with Shannon Gilmore of KPMG

“There’s disruption happening around us all the time… it’s about understanding how quickly that’s going to happen and how fast […]

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Optimizing Remote Collaboration

Supporting a remote workforce isn’t just about making sure your team has access to the tools to do their job […]

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Pouring Drink

The Taste Evolution: Igniting Change in the Beverage Industry with Sofia Colucci of Molson Coors Beverage Company

Molson Coors Beverage Company – “I don’t take it for granted that things will work out… you have to be […]

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Photo of person holding growing plant

The Quest for a Carbon-Free Future with Paramita Das of Rio Tinto

RioTinto – “After 132 years of research and development, we have finally cracked the code,” says Paramita Das of Rio […]

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