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Creating a World without Waste with Stephen Pratt of Noodle.ai


  • Stephen Pratt
  • CEO, Noodle.ai
  • Stephen is the CEO of Noodle.ai, a San Francisco-based startup that uses artificial intelligence to create a world without waste. Focused on reducing the carbon footprint and driving economic value for enterprise clients, Noodle.ai has been named one of the most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Startups.
  • September 3, 2020 |26 Min Listen

Noodle.ai – “Shareholders need it, customers need it, the planet needs it… every part of your organization should have some type of machine intelligence,” says Stephen Pratt, CEO of Noodle.ai. His San Francisco-based startup is working to create a world without waste by helping corporations adopt AI into their manufacturing and supply chain operations. In this episode, he discusses the possibilities, dangers, and responsibilities that come with the increasingly complex world of artificial intelligence.


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