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Start with a Business Challenge

We'll help you define your challenge then we'll customize a Design Thinking workshop specifically around solving your pain points.

Participate in an Impact Lab

Uncover new ways to improve productivity using emerging technology through our immersive, collaborative workshops.

Build It with EX3 Labs

Our workshops produce tangible outputs quickly and fast-forward proof-of-concepts, prototypes and minimum viable products (MVP). Let's build It!

Design Intelligent Experiences

Emerging technologies are shaping the way teams complete tasks. In order to stay competitive, organizations need provide modern tools to their workforce.

Mixed Reality

Find out how Microsoft's HoloLens and other devices are being used to create immersive content that engages and educates consumers.

Artificial Intelligence

Learn how to apply machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence (AI) to existing services to personalize the customer experience.

Augmented Reality

Learn and experience how iBeacon technology mixes with augmented reality to create interactive content.

Internet of Things

Learn how to leverage smart sensors to create engaging in-store and in-home experiences for your customers.

Autonomous Vehicles

Discover how autonomous vehicles are changing the way companies ship products and interact with customers.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Deliver Impactful Experiences to Your Organization

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