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Strategy & Ideation Lab | Chicago, IL

Unleash creativity, and fuel innovation

The EX3 Labs office empowers individuals and teams to feel their best, be their best and achieve their best by combining flexible workspaces and cutting-edge technology. Located inside of Chicago’s Innovation Hub, 1871, the state-of-the-art space features conferencing technology that enables collaboration between in-person and remote teams, using human-centered design and visual communication to create impactful experiences.

A Home of Creativity and Collaboration

The ultimate ideation space includes lightweight, transferable whiteboards and a Design Thinking Wall that features various materials and tools that enable creativity, collaboration, and exploration.

I've never seen an office space like this. I'm quite impressed!

The Space to Ideate Your Next Big Idea

Conference rooms with interactive displays that hang from the ceiling and flexible furniture allow for impactful and collaborative working sessions where teams can come up with their next big idea.

Leverage Our State-of-the-Art Spaces

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