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Immersive Learning Lab | Tampa, FL

Driving innovation through immersive collaboration.

Looking to support organizations developing solutions with greater speed and efficiency, EX3 Labs opened their state-of-the-art Immersive Learning Lab within Embarc Collective. This flexible space facilitates a wide variety of collaboration tools and access to dozens of workshop activities that can be leveraged to advance your teams in the areas of strategy, design, and technology.

A Modular Learning Environment

EX3 designed the flexible workspace to accommodate various learning styles in classroom, hands-on workshops, collaborative team-learning, and immersive learning environments. With access to tools and resources such as a Design Thinking wall, moveable whiteboards, and large monitors, visitors are able to make the most of the space and utilize it to explore and expand on new ideas.

Being able to provide organizations with a space where they have no limits for ideation and exploration has been tremendously impactful. It's amazing to see how many ideas can come from spending just a few hours in that space. Karina Argüello, UX/UI Designer

Accelerating Enterprise Innovation in the Tampa Bay Area

This is EX3 Labs’ second space, following their headquarters in 1871 Chicago. Since the Immersive Learning Lab launch, dozens of large organizations had the opportunity to experience keynotes, workshops, immersive learning sessions and more. Visitors include industry leaders in financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and education.

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