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The Digital Suite | Chicago, IL

Access to the Most Advanced Digital Space in Chicago

The ultimate space for organizations looking to explore, learn about, and be inspired by digital technology. Equipped with the latest and most advanced hardware and software, the space offers a highly-interactive digital playground, ideation lab and learning environment for you and your team to immerse yourselves in. The state-of-the-art suite is perfect for your next event, workshop or retreat and is now available for use. For those looking for a truly transformative experience, EX3 offers exclusive membership access to the suite for individuals and teams.

Staying at the Forefront of Innovation and Digital Disruption

Keeping pace with technology can be a challenge. Especially, at the speed that innovation is happening. To help you and your team stay ahead, it’s important that you are knowledgeable on the technologies shifting businesses, industries and the world. EX3 Labs provides personalized Tech Playground experiences to assist you and your team in increasing your knowledge on emerging technologies, getting hands-on demonstrations of their capabilities, and understand potential impact. The Digital Suite features more than two dozen technology stations and themes.

This was by far the best meeting space I've ever been a part of.” - Elizabeth Kings, AbbVie

Rapidly Design and Build Emerging Technology Solutions

Staying ahead of competition is not only understanding what technologies exist, it’s about having the ability to go to market quickly through rapidly developing business cases, ideating solutions, and designing proofs-of-concept or prototypes. EX3 Labs provides personalized, industry-specific Tech Labs to assist you and your team in delivering tangible proofs-of-concept in order to validate your idea(s) through user testing, or customer and stakeholder demos.

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Perfect for your next event, workshop, or retreat and are available for tours

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