Giving Back Outreach and Advocacy

Giving Back

Outreach and Advocacy

Empowering communities through active engagement and amplifying their voices to drive meaningful change.

Outreach and advocacy involves proactively engaging with the community, organizations, and leaders to build meaningful relationships and gain a nuanced understanding of their specific challenges. By amplifying their voices, addressing systemic issues, and promoting inclusivity, EX3 Labs not only contributes to immediate positive change, but also lays the groundwork for sustainable community development, fostering a sense of unity and empowerment among its members.

Outreach within the community

At the core of the work EX3 Labs does, is the concept of human-centered design and how the work can support the end user. This is no different for outreach. Deeply understanding the community and their needs is a must-have, and allows for personalized and affect outreach to be possible.

Our ability to show up and care for our community is one of my favorite things about EX3 Labs. We are constantly taking a step back to see how we can leverage new innovations or technologies to better support our community." Sophie Todd, Delivery Lead, EX3 Labs

Advocacy through knowledge

One of the key ways EX3 Labs is able to support advocacy for different groups is through immersive storytelling. Whether this is powerful videos, compelling data points, or digital experiences, the goal is to have people walk away empowered with new knowledge and inspired to get involved.

Interested In Getting Involved

We love working with partners who have a shared passion for the community.

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