Technology Enablement and Implementation Prototyping, Proofs-of-Concept, and Pilots

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Prototyping, Proofs-of-Concept, and Pilots

Creating scaled-down versions or early-stage implementations of your product or service.

EX3 Labs Prototyping, Proofs-of-Concept, and Pilot services leverage lean and agile methods that allow you to deliver impactful digital solutions with greater frequency and less risk. Below is a list of services that we provide. We’ll help you structure, launch, and measure your pilot programs to maximize the benefits and ensure you are set up for a successful rollout of the larger solution.

Prototyping and Proofs-of-Concept

Our team has deep expertise in developing prototypes and proofs-of-concept that allow for tangible testing of ideas before full-scale implementation, and help organizations identify and rectify potential issues early in the process, saving time and resources. Prototypes and proofs-of-concept also foster innovation by encouraging experimentation and iteration. They serve as a foundation for gathering feedback and refining concepts, ultimately leading to more successful and well-informed final products or solutions.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings." Adam Wisniewski, CEO, EX3 Labs

Pilot Programs

Piloting is a strategic approach to optimize and de-risk the rollout of new programs or solutions that can help you validate assumptions, uncover potential challenges, and fine-tune processes. EX3 Labs works with organizations to design and conduct pilot programs that build stakeholder confidence, support through tangible results, facilitate easier scaling and broader adoption of initiatives.