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It all started with a simple concept

Whether you're at home, at work or on the go, great experiences are no longer 'just a priority', they are the standard. Organizations have to work harder than ever before to keep up

EX3 Labs started in a 583 square foot office with one simple concept; Great experiences are no longer 'just a priority', they are the standard. Your consumers expect it. Your workforce deserves it... and we can help.

EX3 Labs is an experience design and product innovation studio that helps companies create digital solutions that wow customers, empower teams and help workforces be more productive. We specialize in emerging technology such as mixed and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and IoT.


EX3 Labs helps the world’s largest organizations move with speed and agility in order to deliver both sustainable and disruptive innovation. However, this isn’t an easy task. It takes the right combination of mindset, change management, and operational efficiency. EX3 Labs achieves this through a proven framework that applies Agile and Lean methodologies. Services include:

  • Innovation Lab Build-Out and Support
  • Innovation Management
  • Change Management
  • Digital Transformations

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