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Learning Experience LX

We help organizations deliver custom learning experiences designed to increase engagement and knowledge retention.

Major changes in the workplace are being ushered in by rapidly advancing technology, blended workforces, generational shifts, and evolving employee experiences. As organizations look to retain and support talent, how can they adapt training strategies and rewards frameworks to match the radically shifting context? EX3 Labs helps organizations enhance the employee experience in order to better attract and develop talent. We believe in evolving talent through gamification, immersive learning, and thoughtful implementation of technology.

Power Skills

EX3 Labs works with your organization to design learning experiences that help employees develop power skills, also known as soft or interpersonal skills. Power skills are foundational to a well-rounded and effective workforce. They not only enhance individual performance but also contribute to a positive work environment, which in turn leads to increased productivity, innovation, and overall business success.

This was a good reinforcement of the importance of experiential learning and developing people’s learning through questioning.” Gilbert Carson, IT Manager, RR Donnelly

Experiential Learning

To help your organization better engage your teams as they learn, EX3 Labs designs personalized and immersive experiential learning experiences that boost skill development and knowledge retention. While most forms of traditional training are structured, EX3’s advantage is that we offer structure and flexibility allowing you to customize the learning experience for multiple learning objectives and learning modalities including: Self-Guided learning, Collaborative learning, Immersive learning, Classroom learning, and One-on-one learning.