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It all started with a simple concept

Whether you're at home, at work or on the go, great experiences are no longer 'just a priority', they are the standard. Organizations have to work harder than ever before to keep up

EX3 Labs started in a 583 square foot office with one simple concept; Great experiences are no longer 'just a priority', they are the standard. Your consumers expect it. Your workforce deserves it... and we can help.

EX3 Labs is an experience design and product innovation studio that helps companies create digital solutions that wow customers, empower teams and help workforces be more productive. We specialize in emerging technology such as mixed and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and IoT.


EX3 Labs’ interactive, collaborative workshops aim to inform, educate, and inspire. We help enterprises stay ahead of increasingly competitive landscapes, create more innovative workplace cultures, and better understand technology.

Tech Playgrounds: EX3 Labs tech playgrounds are engaging, interactive experiences that give companies a glimpse into the next set of technologies that will shape their industries. Stations are customized to business needs and designed to bring about discussion on how technologies can be applied directly or indirectly to solve challenges.

Design Thinking Workshops: Our fast-paced, interactive workshops kickstart disruptive thinking and equip clients with the skills to ideate with greater speed and efficiency in order to better respond to change. We use Agile and Lean methodologies and Design Thinking to help large organizations operate like startups.

Innovation Days (in partnership with 1871 Chicago): Put your team on the fast-track to creating a culture of innovation, creativity, and problem-solving by participating in an “Innovation Day” event. Through this fun, hands-on, interactive event, you and your team get a glimpse into the next set of technologies that are shaping your industry and apply a framework within your organization to help turn ideas into action quickly and efficiently.

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