SVP & National Director of Data Management and Technology Operations, Mike Hart, joins us to discuss his multi-faceted approach to integrating technology into a large company, adopting a data-driven strategy and how crowdsourcing ideas has led to some of JLL’s most impactful innovations.

Oracle - Dr. Burcin Kaplanoglu is the founder of Oracle’s Engineering and Construction Innovation Lab. On this week’s #UnlockingInnovation, he talks with us about engaging with the tomorrow’s workforce and clears up some misconceptions about the role of robots in the construction site of the future.

GE - An inventor, philanthropist, and curious problem-solver Nick Allen is now the Global Director of Design and User Experience for GE’s $19 billion healthcare division. In this episode, we had a fascinating conversation about Nick’s innovation philosophy, how he used virtual reality to create a fun experience for children receiving needle injections and his excitement about machine learning in the healthcare space.

World Book- What’s the greatest challenge facing innovation in education? Learning to embrace a changing culture, according to VP of Technology at World Book, Jason Dole. An expert in programming and software development, Jason is helping his organization use technology to move towards a future that includes more personalized, adaptive learning methods. Tune in for a  fascinating discussion about shifting the paradigm of innovation, redesigning education with future generations in mind, and the potential of immersive technology. #UnlockingInnovation is a podcast by EX3 Labs, produced in partnership with 1871 Chicago. Liked today’s episode? Be sure to rate & review.