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Build confidence across your organization knowing that you can create the optimal remote live event, workshop, and meeting experience.

Supporting a remote workforce isn’t just about making sure your team has access to the tools to do their job remotely, it’s about knowing the shifting conditions in business and being able to optimize your remote workforce’s experience so they can operate with a high-level of speed, efficiency and effectiveness.

With EX3 Labs Remote Experience Optimization services you Remote Experience Training, Platform / Tool Setup and Facilitation Support for Virtual Events, Workshops, and Meetings services.


As one who has joined a lot of virtual events lately, [this] was actually the best I've experienced... your team has done a great job at maximizing the virtual experience.

Justin Bariso, Author and Keynote Speaker


Unlock the true potential of Microsoft Teams through customization and configuration based on your individual departments/teams needs. Whether you need to run more effective internal meetings and trainings or you need to provide your clients/customer with engaging remote experiences, we have the solution for you.

Training from Expert Designers

Train your team how how to get the most from Microsoft Teams by leveraging EX3 Labs' technical experts and experience designers, including a Microsoft MVP.

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