Solutions Inner-Action™ – Increasing Emotional Intelligence & Empathy in the Enterprise


Inner-Action™ – Increasing Emotional Intelligence & Empathy in the Enterprise


Create a more positive, more thoughtful culture and work environment for everyone within your organization.

The Inner-Action™️ Training from EX3 Labs is a set of workshops that use experiential learning and immersive technology to help transform your organization. The workshops aim to help individuals gain a better understanding of various interactions within the workplace, develop greater emotional intelligence toward specific scenarios, and operate with greater empathy while interacting with people of various personalities and backgrounds different from their own.


This was a perfect illustration of our ability to continue to evolve as people, learn new perspectives and change our minds. And it's also evidence of the need for continuing conversations in the workplace.

Monica Guillory, Director, HR & Workplace Inclusion, RR Donnelley

Experiential Learning

Inner-Action™ leverages experiential learning (EXL) activities inspired by real-world challenges facing leaders within organizations. Each learning experience is customized to various topics such as Diversity & Inclusion, Sexual Harassment in the workplace and general leadership. Through engaging, facilitated learning sessions, participants are challenged to think through perspectives other than their own, uncover unconscious biases and apply critical thinking toward situations that don't have a clear-cut answer.

Immersive Learning

Research has shown that empathy makes people better managers and workers, and better family members and friends. So, how can you develop empathy? EX3 Labs has combined immersive learning modules that leverage technology such as virtual reality to help business leaders "walk in others' shoes". From first-person points of view of a day-in-the-life of someone who requires the use of a wheelchair to experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace, our immersive learning modules force you to see the world from a different perspective.

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