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Design products and solutions with greater efficiency and better insight into user-needs.

Successfully executing business objectives requires a master class in problem-solving, creative thinking, and the ability to understand your customer. Furthermore, getting teams to solve for these problems quickly through collaboration while challenging the status quo can be difficult.

Design Thinking Labs from EX3 Labs offer a comprehensive process for answering critical business questions through collaborative strategy, ideation, and design. Labs are led by expert facilitators, identify pain-points in your work, and produce actionable outputs for end-users.


We are rewiring ourselves, taking a step back from the day-to-day, which really consumes most of our brain space. This is just taking a pause, a step back, rethinking the way we think and the way we imagine things.

Rohit Malik, VP and Head of HR, Alight

A proven framework for human-centered design

Design Thinking sessions provide a framework for developing and vetting the feasibility of ideas in an efficient, human-centered, collaborative manner. Participants leave Design Thinking sessions with tangible outputs to showcase with stakeholders.

Design sessions tailored to your needs

Whether you need to design a unique customer experience, develop a talent strategy, or build a solution for your workforce, Design Thinking Labs are the perfect choice for validating and developing new ideas.

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