Our Work Violence Preparedness Through Immersive Training

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Violence Preparedness Through Immersive Training

Victims of retail store robberies experience a profound trauma that goes beyond the immediate event. In an effort to help prepare their stock clerks in the unfortunate event of a robbery while on the job, MARS, a leader in the Consumer Packaged Goods organization, contacted EX3 Labs to design and build an immersive training experience.

Company MARS
Industry Consumer Packaged Goods
Size $45 Billion
Headquarters Chicago, IL

Developing a Robbery Simulation Training Program

EX3 Labs Learning Experience (LX) Designers began storyboarding the various scenes including first-person, second-person and third-person points of view. Next, the organization organized full-day video shoot within an actual convenience store, professional actors, props, and a 360° camera rig that captured every angle for a truly immersive experience.

Collaborating To Create Immersive Design Experiences

For emergency response drills such as violence preparedness, in which worker are instructed to stay calm, first-person point of view enabled trainees to feel what it was like to be there in real-time.Virtual Reality (VR) made the perfect tool for situational training. VR offers transformative advantages. It immerses the stock clerks into lifelike scenarios, allowing them to navigate and respond to challenges in real-time.