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Reimagining The Employee Experience


Schneider Electric is a 183 year old global leader in energy management with over $28 billion in revenue. Their Global Rewards Team, confronting rapidly advancing technology, blended workforces, generational shifts, and evolving employee expectations; sought out EX3 Labs to assist them with these challenges. EX3 Labs worked with Schneider Electric to develop a theme and problem statement that focused on coming up with digital solutions to improve the employee experience in four key areas: 1. Human Resources, 2. Business Partnering, 3. Centers of Excellence, 4. Shared Services.

Over 40 Global Rewards Partners from 13 countries, including Australia, the UK,Mexico, Russia, and China were brought in to participate in an Experience Design Lab that was led by the EX3 Labs team and held at 1871, a globally
ranked technology and entrepreneurship center based in Chicago.

“We really wanted to take ourselves out of our normal corporate environment
[to] experience a more innovative startup environment.”

-Nicki Fox, Rewards Partner (Europe)

A rapid-paced keynote helped the partners learn how to become Design
Thinkers and the importance of utilizing empathy while developing new ideas. The day concluded with an Enterprise Design Thinking session where the team was broken up into smaller groups— each led by an EX3 Labs Design Thinker. The session challenged each group with leveraging emerging technology to develop the ultimate employee experience. In less than an hour, the groups collaborated to produce 5 unique solutions.

“I’m going to really recommend this for other organizations as well as other
colleagues of mine.”
- Lipka Verma, Rewards Partner (Global)

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