Our Work Preparing for Digital Disruption in Pharma

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Preparing for Digital Disruption in Pharma

Aiming to stay ahead in the highly-competitive pharmaceutical industry, a global leader in research and development, partnered with EX3 Labs to help them to understand the changes in technology which could disrupt their current assumptions about their business – particularly as it relates to manufacturing, production, provider, and patient needs.

Company Anonymous
Industry Health and Life Sciences
Size $10-$80 Billion
Headquarters United States

Fostering a Culture of Innovation

With the help of EX3 Labs and its partner, 1871, fifteen leaders within the organization's Quality Team engaged in a disruption process that put them in a new environment utilizing outside stimuli to help the team think differently about the future opportunities for their brand.

Today was about shaking people out of their comfort zones, and helping them be more forward-thinking through creative problem-solving." Adam Wisniewski, CEO, EX3 Labs

Applying Emerging Technology

The day concluded with an Enterprise Design Thinking session, where the team was broken up into smaller groups-- each led by an EX3 Labs Design Thinker. The session challenged each group with leveraging emerging technology to develop the ultimate employee experience. In less than an hour, the groups collaborated to produce 5 unique solutions.