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Preparing for Digital Disruption in Pharma


Aiming to stay ahead in the highly-competitive pharmaceutical industry, a global leader in research & development was looking to understand the changes in technology which could disrupt their current assumptions about their business – particularly as it relates to changes within manufacturing, production and provider and patient needs.

With the help of EX3 Labs and its partner, 1871, fifteen leaders within the organization's Quality Team engaged in a day of innovation that put them in a new environment utilizing outside stimuli to help the team think differently about the future opportunities for their brand. The three major focuses were:

  1. Understanding new and disruptive technologies impacting pharma
  2. Building use cases specific to improving quality
  3. Identifying pilot opportunities

  • Company
  • Industry
  • Size
    10,000 - 50,000
  • Headquarters
    United States
  • Revenue
    $10- 80 billion

Today was about shaking people out of their comfort zones and be more forward-thinking through creative problem-solving.

Adam Wisniewski, CEO, EX3 Labs

Fostering a Culture of Innovation

EX3 Labs CEO, Adam Wisniewski led a discussion on "The 6 Building Blocks of Innovative Cultures". The interactive session introduced participants to a framework to assist them in fostering a culture of innovation and enabled transparent, fluid discussion that helped uncover challenges in their industry.

Applying Emerging Technology

The day included 4 tech stations, one demonstrating the possibilities of computer vision and machine learning. The demonstration walked participants through how machine learning algorithms work and can be applied to aspects of manufacturing quality assurance as well and doctor-patient interactions.

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