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"We’re at an inflection point in our business. The world is [quickly] changing and this kind of experience that we’re having here today is really helping us look at where the world is going, and... find expansive ways of looking at how the new technology might create new worlds for us."

- Thatcher Schulte, Senior Director, Supply Sciences Conagra Brands

Conagra Brands is part of an 800 billion dollar packaged food industry that has an increasingly competitive landscape. With consumer behavior shifting and technology becoming more prevalent in the kitchen, Conagra was faced with the challenge of finding innovative ways to better understand consumer needs as they relate to food. As a result, Conagra’s Data Analytics team contacted EX3 Labs for assistance in three key areas:

  • Increasing awareness around emerging technology
  • Identifying opportunities to use emerging technology throughout their brand portfolio
  • Introducing a framework to rapidly produce and develop ideas to bolster the innovation pipeline

  • Company
    Conagra Brands
  • Industry
    Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Size
  • Headquarters
    Chicago, IL
  • Revenue
    $9.5 Billion (2019)

This was one of the best investments we’ve ever made.

Thatcher Schulte, Senior Director, Supply Sciences, Conagra

Exploring Disruptive Technologies in Food

EX3 Labs worked with Conagra to design a day of innovation where 30+ members of the analytics team received hands-on demos of emerging technology such as autonomous vehicles, smart speakers, Internet of Things and mixed reality.

Informing Strategy Through Rapid Ideation

After the tech playground, EX3 Lab’s expert facilitators led individual breakout sessions where they assisted Conagra’s team through a series of highly-structured, time-boxed exercises. The effort resulted in 6 new and innovative ideas both with the potential to provide value to consumers and achieve Conagra’s goals.

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