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Optimizing Manufacturing Through Immersive Technology

As Knauf, a leading provider of building materials and construction systems, sought to digitize their manufacturing and gain a better understanding of emerging technology they partnered with EX3 Labs to address three main goals:

  • Create more efficient and less risky processes
  • Identify key users and develop creative solutions with quick wins to embed in 2020 strategic planning
  • Emerge as leaders in Industry 4.0

EX3 Labs, along with innovation partner 1871, customized a tech talk and playground to walk Knauf through emerging technologies allowing manufacturers to transform their operations. Each station was designed to foster discussion around how technologies could be applied directly to solve Knauf's pain points.

After the tech playground, EX3 Labs led Knauf through a rapid-paced Design Thinking workshop. The workshop challenged Knauf's leaders to come up with solutions that leveraged the immersive technologies they had just experiences. In a small window of time, breakout groups learned to quickly work through ideas, be forward-thinking and unburdened by limitations of current environment, and visually demonstrate solutions. The result was a series of fully fleshed-out solutions to digitize Knauf's workflow.

"What we just did... this is agile. It was impactful, and I look forward to doing a lot more of it."

Kevin McHugh, VP Strategy and Innovation

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