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Improving Healthcare Through Design Thinking

In an effort to remain a leader in providing quality care to patients, UnityPoint Health, one of the nation's most integrated health systems, wanted its leadership team to experience an environment that breeds creativity, that would allow them to develop an innovation mindset, and engage in ”future state” thinking.

Company UnityPoint Health
Industry Healthcare
Size $4.6 Billion (2019)
Headquarters Des Moines, IA

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Becoming a Design Thinker

EX3 Labs, along with its innovation partner 1871, led UnityPoint Health's top regional CEOs through a design thinking session that included a look at some of the major tech trends impacting the future, the habits of some of the most innovative company cultures, and a breakout session where its leadership was broken up into groups and tasked with solving a challenge through a series of time-boxed activities.

My takeaway from this was: how do we continue to reinvent ourselves, listen to our customers, listen to our patients, and ensure that we're taking care of them in the way they expect? Kent Lehr, VP Strategy & Business Development, UnityPoint Health

Using Empathy to Design Human-Centered Solutions

Design thinking provided a framework for innovating quickly and effectively and the activities were tailored to UnityPoint Health's specific organizational needs. The process taught team members how they can gain better insight into consumer needs by utilizing the ultimate Design Thinker's tool: empathy.