Our Work Gamifying the Virtual Event Experience

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Gamifying the Virtual Event Experience

Raymond James, a financial services leader, partnered with EX3 Labs to create an event with four key goals: engage attendees in a highly interactive virtual experience, raise LGBT+ awareness, honor achievements, and unite team members for a fun, gamified Pride Month finale while supporting The Trevor Project.

Company Raymond James
Industry Financial Service
Size $7.8 Billion
Headquarters St. Peterburg, FL

Creating a Virtual Quiz

EX3 developed a virtual quiz game that allowed over 60 professionals from Raymond James to participate in the Pride Month wrap-up. The experience, which tested players knowledge of historical themes, events, and figures, was designed to balance education and fun.

Virtual Engagement, Real-life Impact

To counteract digital fatigue and increase engagement, EX3 developed a virtual environment that allowed for breakout groups to play the game simultaneously. This ensured that all 60 attendees had the opportunity to engage and interact with the game. In addition to offering Raymond James' Pride Investors Network a way to celebrate Pride Month together (while working remotely), recharge, and reconnect with team members; the experience also helped Raymond James meet their fund-raising for The Trevor Project by the end of Pride Month.