Our Work Exploring the Future of Mining

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Exploring the Future of Mining

Rio Tinto, one of the world’s largest mining companies with a new presence in Chicago, understood that they had a unique opportunity to educate consumers about where their everyday items come from and the processes used to mine. They partnered with EX3 Labs to host an event for Chicago Ideas Week in the EX3 Ideation Lab.

Company Rio Tinto
Industry Mining
Size $13.3 Billion
Headquarters London, UK

Showcasing the Daily Impact of Mining

Together, EX3 and Rio Tinto developed a tech playground designed to achieve three goals: educate event attendees about the impact of mining on their daily lives, highlight Rio Tinto’s innovative green initiatives, and explore how Rio Tinto is using emerging technologies to transform their work.

At Rio, we believe that technology and digital automation is definitely changing the future. And if technology helps us connect with the people of our community, EX3 made an excellent choice for us. Paramita Das, Global Marketing & Development, Rio Tinto

Getting Hands-On with Emerging Technologies

The result was an immersive technology playground, which allowed attendees to get hands-on with Mixed, Augmented, and Virtual Reality; touch-screen projections, and other emerging technologies. Additionally, each station was designed to highlight a different aspect of modern mining, including Rio Tinto’s carbon-free processes, everyday items containing mined materials, exploration of the world’s largest mining sites, and other informative content.