Our Work Exploring the Business Impact of Immersive Technologies

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Exploring the Business Impact of Immersive Technologies

For 60 years, Skender has used an innovative spirit to deliver extraordinary results for clients. Executives at the firm, seeking to explore ways that augmented reality technology could enhance their business, sought EX3’s Reality Lab experts to introduce augmented and mixed reality technology to their entire organization.

Company Skender
Industry Construction
Size $400 Million
Headquarters Chicago, IL

AR Space Visualization Experience

Leading up to the company-wide town hall, EX3 developed a series of 3 experiences to showcase. This included an interactive mixed reality demonstration with the Microsoft HoloLens, a space visualization augmented reality experience, and a custom-made marker-based augmented reality app that turned Skender business cards into interactive digital experiences. This marker-based experience would allow Skender team members to connect with potential clients on a deeper level and showcase their high-tech capabilities.

Immersive technology is showing construction firms how they can improve design visualization, safety training, collaboration, and client engagement, while enhancing efficiency and reducing costs." Jason Edgecombe, EX3 Labs

Showcasing Emerging Tech

The town hall showcase allowed Skender team members to get hands on with cutting-edge immersive technologies and explore ways that these tools could offer enhanced customer and employee experiences. Over the course of the event, EX3 gathered over 50 ideas from employees that would be condensed and presented to executives.