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Enabling Supply Chain Agility


“The ideal supply chain tool would leverage AI or machine learning and start predicting things in advance.”

- BP Partner Participant

BP, a one-hundred-year-old oil and gas company with over $200 billion in revenue, facing rapid changes to product demand, availability, and environmental conditions was looking for innovative ways to improve supply chain operations. BP reached out to 1871, a globally ranked technology and entrepreneurship center based in Chicago, and EX3 Labs to engage both their supply chain team and their customers in an interactive, collaborative Innovation Day. The session assisted them in three areas:

  1. Knowledge and Education - How can technology improve agility within the supply chain?
  2. Change Management - How does a company with over 74,000 employees and over 60,000 suppliers prepare for and adapt to change?
  3. Communication and Collaboration - How can digital technologies be used to effectively share information across a global supply chain

  • Company
  • Industry
    Oil and Gas
  • Size
  • Headquarters
    London, UK
  • Revenue
    $282.6 Billion (2019)

Our goal is to create a process that is frictionless, or friction-minimal.

Pricing and Demand Allocation Manager - Fuels, North America

Uncovering Pain-Points through Gamification

EX3 Labs worked with key stakeholders and prepared a customized Enterprise Design Thinking workshop for 8 members of the organization’s supply chain team and 4 of their customers. The session combined EX3 Labs’ outside perspective and external expertise in technology with BP’s deep knowledge of oil and gas supply chain operations. The session included a gamified Q&A experience that uncovered pain points and challenges customers faced from various stages throughout the supply chain.

Enabling Creative Problem Solving

The day concluded with an Enterprise Design Thinking Workshop, where individual supply chain leaders teamed up with customers, enabling creative problem solving through collaboration. Teams leveraged solutions such as location-aware sensors, mobile SMS, and other communication technology to solve the customer pain points addressed during the facilitated discussion. This resulted in 4 storyboarded solutions to improve communication and agility in supply chain operations.

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