Our Work Empowering Leaders Through Workflow Optimization Strategies

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Empowering Leaders Through Workflow Optimization Strategies

Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) is a nonprofit medical institution that offers high-quality healthcare education. UMA approached EX3 Labs for support in developing foundational leadership skills and strengthening core capabilities of the leadership team at their end-of-year leadership retreat.

Company Ultimate Medical Academy
Industry Education
Size N/A
Headquarters Tampa, FL

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Learning Organizational Lessons Through Music

The workshop quickly began with a keynote on “The Composition of Innovation and Growth”, led by EX3 Labs Founder and CEO, Adam Wisniewski. In this thought-provoking talk, participants learned how songs such as Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” provide inspiration and powerful personal lessons such as: How to change your pace, the power of collaboration, and more.

It’s really about removing obstacles, really supporting the team, listening to the team and really sharing in their success. It's not about what we do individually, it's about the growth and development of our teams. Tom Rametta, President, UMA

Learning To Make The Most Of Their Time In Office

The participants separated into groups and participated in EX3 Labs’ Planning Poker, which is a consensus-based, gamified technique for planning and estimating effort and thinking incrementally. They used the time to discuss hours spent on meetings, emails, reports, quality testing, and collaborated within their groups to come up with ideas on ways to save time on those topics to be able to be more effective with their responsibilities.