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Embracing Creative Problem Solving

Collaborative Solutions, with EX3 Labs and 1871, hosted an Innovation event. This brought top leaders together to collaboratively tackle challenges in a dynamic and engaging environment. Drawing inspiration from 1871's tech ecosystem and Betsy Zeigler's insights, the event fostered alignment and solutions for key organizational challenges.

Company Collaborative Solutions
Industry Professional Services
Size $70 Million
Headquarters Reston, Virginia

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Keynotes to Drive Innovation

Collaborative Solutions, a leading full-service finance and HR transformation consultancy, partnered with EX3 and 1871 to help their leaders focus on improving collaboration and fostering a more innovative company culture. Their leadership team learned from 1871 CEO, Betsy Ziegler's, "Tech Trends" talk and EX3 Labs CEO, Adam Wisniewski's, "6 Building Blocks of Innovative Cultures," before participating in Design Thinking workshop that helped them produce creative solutions to specific business challenges.

We have a lot of fun together as a group so bringing us together in this way is great because it gets not only our creative juices flowing but also our comradery" Lynn Hurley, Senior VP, Consulting Services

Collaboration Amidst Business Growth Challenges

The rapid-paced breakout session highlighted the power of quick, collaborative idea generation. As companies expand, the challenge of effective collaboration intensifies. To maintain a competitive edge, leaders must innovate and collaborate while meeting growing customer demands.