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Driving Value through Immersive Brand Experiences


A global advertising firm, looking for unique and innovative ways to enhance their brand offerings, reached out to EX3 Labs for thought leadership in emerging technology. The organization worked with EX3 Labs to create a series of customized immersive learning experiences and ideation sessions for both their business and creative teams. The agency sought to achieve three goals:

  1. Gain knowledge of various immersive technologies
  2. Provide additional value to their clients
  3. Develop additional revenue streams

The immersive learning experiences featured augmented and virtual reality, sensor-based technology, mixed reality, and projection mapping. Each hands-on experience led by an EX3 Labs knowledge expert, provided participants with various use cases of how the technology is used within specific industries. This allowed each team member to begin thinking about how technologies could provide value to their clients. 

The immersive learning experiences were followed by highly-structured design thinking sessions that were organized by EX3 Labs facilitators and product strategists. For the participants, the challenge was simple: design immersive experiences that drive value for clients.

  • Company
    FCB Chicago
  • Industry
  • Size
  • Headquarters
    Chicago, IL
  • Revenue
    > 140 Million

A week and a half ago we knew next to nothing about these technologies, and in less than 2 weeks we were able to come up with 43 ideas and present 15 of them.


Collaborating to Design Immersive Experiences

The larger group was broken up into teams and began executing a series of time-boxed exercises that consisted of strategy, ideation, and design. In total, 38 agency members from 5 account teams were able to come up with 43 ideas over the course of 2 short sessions.

Enabling Sustainable Innovation

Ultimately, 15 ideas were filtered and refined with the goal of socializing with clients. In addition to the ideas produced, the team gained exposure to a framework that enables sustainable innovation and allows them to consistently drive value for clients.

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