Our Work Delivering Immersive Brand Experiences 

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Delivering Immersive Brand Experiences 

FCB, one of the largest global advertising agency networks, was looking for innovative ways to enhance their brand offerings. FCB reached out to EX3 Labs for thought leadership in emerging technology with the goal of creating customized immersive learning experiences and ideation sessions for their business and creative teams.

Company FCB
Industry Professional Services
Size $2.7 Billion
Headquarters Chicago, IL

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Collaborating To Create Immersive Design Experiences

The larger group was broken up into teams and began executing a series of time-boxed exercises that consisted of strategy, ideation, and design. In total, 38 agency members from 5 account teams were able to come up with 43 ideas over the course of 2 short sessions.

A week and a half ago we knew next to nothing about these technologies, and in less than 2 weeks we were able to come up with 43 ideas and present 15 of them. Curt Munk, EVP, Strategic Planning, FCB

Enabling Sustainable Innovation

Ultimately, 15 ideas were filtered and refined with the goal of socializing with clients. In addition to the ideas produced, the team gained exposure to a framework that enables sustainable innovation and allows them to consistently drive value for clients.