Our Work Using A.I. to Promote COVID-19 Safety Protocols

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Using A.I. to Promote COVID-19 Safety Protocols

As the world recovers from COVID-19 and offices, restaurants, and other communal spaces begin to reopen, ensuring the safety of our communities is paramount. Seeking to contribute to the fight against the ongoing pandemic, user experience experts at EX3's Reality Lab developed Distant Together™.

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Adapting to Novel Circumstances

As offices and public spaces seek to reopen, ensuring safety is paramount. In order to help people confidently navigate and manage these spaces, EX3's Reality Lab developed Distant Together AI™. Distant Together AI™ uses cutting edge technologies, Microsoft Azure Kinect's spatial computing and artificial intelligence, to help people comply with COVID-19 safety measures. The solution is designed to help people monitor mask adherence, social distancing measures, and other key guidelines.

For us technologists and designers, it’s important to use our skill set not just for business but for societal impact. Adam Wisniewski, CEO, EX3 Labs

Using Cutting-Edge Technologies to Ensure Safety

Distant Together AI™ helps bring peace of mind and promotes safe practices as public spaces and offices reopen. It leverages, Microsoft Azure Connect, which enables cutting-edge spatial reasoning technology, advanced AI sensors, and computer vision. These factors allow Distant Together AI™ to monitor the safety of our shared spaces and takes the burden of keeping a safe environment off of employees.