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“For us at Whirlpool, having the right level of innovation in our products is critical for us to be competitive, and so we used the team from EX3 Labs to really help us understand what we need to do to create the innovation that we need.”

- Christian Gianni, CTO, Whirlpool

Faced with rapid technological advancements and evolving consumer needs, the cooking division from Whirlpool, one of the world’s top manufacturers of home appliances, was looking to stay ahead of an increasingly competitive landscape. To address these challenges, leaders from the division contacted EX3 Labs for assistance with achieving the following objectives:

  1. Better understanding technology’s impact on food
  2. Creating an even more innovative culture
  3. Responding quickly and efficiently to changing consumer needs

  • Company
    Whirlpool Corporation
  • Industry
    Home Appliances
  • Size
  • Headquarters
    Benton Harbor, MI
  • Revenue
    $20.4 Billion (2019)

It was really about how do we, as the cooking team, get our act together globally so we can be much better equipped to move faster in this innovation space.

Neil Tunstall - GM of Kitchen, Whirlpool

Adopting Habits of the Most Innovative Companies

EX3 Labs led the leaders through a session, tailored to their specific needs, that included a look at some of the major tech trends impacting the future, the habits of some of the most innovative companies, and a design thinking challenge where they were broken up into groups and tasked with solving a business challenge through a series of time-boxed activities.

Developing Solutions with Emerging Technologies

With the help of of EX3 Labs and 1871, cooking division leaders were able to engage in an interactive day of innovation that enabled them to learn about some of the latest technologies and how they could be incorporated into their product lines, as well as the ideas and frameworks that help organizations innovate.

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