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Creating a More Immersive Virtual Event Environment


As most in-person events and conferences have shifted online, many leaders are left asking, "How do I provide a meaningful and productive virtual event." Delivering effective remote experiences is about optimizing the experience with more immersive, engaging experiences, avoiding digital fatigue, and offering an impact for attendees.

In September 2020, EX3 Labs teamed up with 1871 to host a virtual summit, "EQ Innovation: Driving Innovation through Human-Centered Design." The collaboration aimed to achieve 3 goals:

  1. Bring corporate leaders together for a differentiated virtual event
  2. Create engaging, meaningful breakout sessions, designed to teach principles of human-centered design and build emotional intelligence
  3. Design a virtual environment to allow for easy navigation and an immersive experience

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    0-50 employees
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As one who has joined a lot of virtual events lately, [this] was actually the best I've experienced. From planning, to networking, to the overall look and feel, your team has done a great job at maximizing the virtual experience.

Justin Bariso, Author & Keynote Speaker

An immersive virtual environment

EX3 designed a Microsoft Teams environment that allowed event attendees to easily navigate through breakout sessions. These activities focused on building skills in emotional intelligence and human-centered design.

Seamless collaboration

By customizing the environment and developing collaborative activities, EX3 facilitators guided attendees as they collaborated on human-centered design activities, an EQ themed card game, and a gamified discussion about customer collaboration.

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