Featured Project Connecting Youth to Local Programs, Experiences and Opportunities

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Connecting Youth to Local Programs, Experiences and Opportunities

My CHI. My Future. is an innovative, multi-year initiative launched by former Mayor Lori Lightfoot, aimed at connecting every young person in Chicago with meaningful extracurricular opportunities. With well over 100,000 opportunities available, the initiative's leaders wanted a way to increase engagement with their target audience, Chicago youth.

Company The City of Chicago
Industry Government
Size N/A
Headquarters Chicago, IL

Bringing Programs and Events Directly to Youth

The City of Chicago and the Mayor's Office collaborated with EX3 Labs to increase access to this initiative by offering an app to youth and their support systems. The goal of the My CHI. My Future. mobile app was three-fold: (1) help young people find after school opportunities and activities, (2) engage young people through a personalized, user-friendly mobile app experience that aligns with their interests, and (3) engage with organizations geared towards helping young people.

I use the app every week to find events and programs for my own kids, and it feels like the whole world of local youth programs is at my fingertips. - Nick Lucius, Chief Technology Officer, The City of Chicago

Building Positive Futures

The app provides a simple and user-friendly platform through which thousands of available youth programs can easily be viewed and filtered through, and connections can be made based on the youth’s interests, and availability.