Our Work Attracting Top Talent through an Enhanced Workplace Experience

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Attracting Top Talent through an Enhanced Workplace Experience

On the heels of its summer internship program, KPMG was interested in developing a fun, lightweight activity to engage interns as the program concluded, and crowdsourcing new ideas on how to improve the program for the next class. KPMG partnered with EX3 Labs to design, and lead an interactive workshop for its 120 summer interns.

Company KPMG
Industry Professional Services
Size $29.8 Billion (2019)
Headquarters Amstelveen, Netherlands

Enabling Rapid Ideation Through an Iterative Design Process

The 120 participants were divided into 16 teams, each tasked with performing short 5-minute activities with tangible outputs. EX3 provided interns with the tools and guidance that empowered them to be forward-thinking, solve pain points, operate without restrictions of day-to-day work, and visualize their solutions.

The interns were engaged and excited. The Summer Intern Program was able to improve through the rapid generation of ideas, and KPMG was able to reinforce its status as a great place to work. This was a win, win, win. - Jason Edgecombe, Senior Business Analyst, EX3 Labs

Fun, Competitive, Engaging

The session demonstrated how quickly you can flesh out ideas within a team, even in a small window of time. While remaining fun and engaging, the interns competed to see which team could produce the most innovative solution. The intern teams produced 16 innovative, storyboarded concepts in total that KPMG could develop for future internship programs.