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Applying Lean Startup Methods to Solve Big Challenges in Healthcare


Healthcare is facing some of its biggest challenges. The Discovery Partners Institute, led by the University of Illinois System in partnership with global research universities, works with science and research teams who are exploring innovative ways to address these challenges. 

DPI partnered with EX3 Labs to facilitate an interactive workshop aimed at helping their research team use lean startup methods to tackle some of the biggest healthcare challenges in neuroscience, cardio-oncology and COVID-19. There were three main objectives:

  1. Build awareness and excitement around a new initiative to explore how artificial intelligence can be used to improve health outcomes
  2. Identify and prioritize current challenges in neuroscience, cardio-oncology and COVID-19
  3. Collaborate with thought leaders to define the value of various solutions

The workshop participants included top physicians, academics, and industry leaders from organizations including the Mayo Clinic, Rush University Medical Center, The University of Illinois, The University of Illinois at Chicago, the University of Michigan, IBM, and Intel.

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    Discovery Partners Institute
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“[The session] led to a lot of thought-provoking ideas and the ability to collaborate and communicate beyond the confines of the workshop itself.”

Dr. Paul Arnold, Associate Medical Director of The Carle Neuroscience Institute

The virtual session split participants into breakout groups centered around three main areas: COVID, neurosciences and cardio-oncology. Each group took a deeper dive into those areas and collaborated to identify unique, AI-driven solutions.

Leveraging Lean Startup methods created an environment where academic, healthcare and industry thought leaders could work together, quickly and creatively, to tackle major challenges in healthcare.

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