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EX3 Labs, Cushman & Wakefield Partnership featured in CIO.com


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  • October 2, 2017 |5 Min Read

EX3 Labs and Cushman and Wakefield, under the leadership of CIO Adam Stanley, partnered to explore how XR technologies could impact commercial real estate. The partnership, featured in a CIO.com article about Stanley’s work, enables Cushman & Wakefield to build use-cases for mixed, virtual and augmented reality leveraging EX3 Labs’ deep technical expertise, thought leadership and development capabilities. 

Among the ideas explored was a mixed reality app, powered by the Microsoft HoloLens, that would enhance commercial building inspections and facilities management. EX3 Labs also designed and launched a mobile app for Cushman & Wakefield’s quarterly publication, The Occupier Edge, which turned the contents of the pages into augmented reality graphs, charts, and videos. Available in the app store, this project helped turn the reader’s experience into an engaging, multisensory one and allowed for an interactive element that conveyed more information than what was just on the printed page.

“We are constantly preaching disruption and the fact that we would rather be leaders in disruption than followers,” Stanley says of his partnership strategy.

Read the full feature on CIO.com.

We are constantly preaching disruption and the fact that we would rather be leaders in disruption than followers.

Adam Stanley, CIO, Cushman & Wakefield

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