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George M. Pullman Elementary School – Immersive Learning Lab Dedication


EX3 Labs is proud to announce the unveiling of an Immersive Learning Lab at George M. Pullman Elementary School. This donation, which will provide students with a classroom of virtual reality headsets as well as over 900 Google Expeditions virtual field trips and lesson plans, was unveiled during an open house for parents and students on September 27th.

  • Organization
    George M. Pullman Elementary
  • Description
    Public Elementary School in the Pullman neighborhood of Chicago
  • Location
    Chicago, Il
  • Size
    391 Students

I'm thrilled that 1871 was able to partner with EX3 Labs and Conagra through our Corporate Innovation Program to bring virtual reality technologies to the students of Pullman Elementary. The program is traditionally all about fostering connectivity between corporate partners and startups. But now, thanks Adam Wisniewski's vision and corporate partners like Conagra, it's also about giving back to the community.

Colleen Maxwell, Director of Innovation & New Business Development

Thank You to Our Partners

This donation was made possible by the generous partnership of 1871 and Conagra Brands. It is the first donation EX3 Labs has made as part of our Immersive Learning Lab Mission.

Immersive Learning for All

Students of Pullman Elementary School will now be able to explore over 900 virtual reality lesson plans and field trips, led by a teacher's tablet. Content is available for nearly any subject, empowering students and teachers to enhance their learning through immersive, multi-sensory experiences.

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