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Between February 2019 and 2020, EX3 Labs launched two state-of-the-art labs, designed to facilitate corporate innovation. The labs have attracted innovators such as Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Square as well as business leaders from financial services, CPG, energy, healthcare, and manufacturing. The labs were intentionally designed to enable collaboration, ignite problem solving, and act as an emerging technology learning center.

The EX3 Ideation Lab - Chicago

Located in globally ranked technology hub 1871, Our Ideation Lab was designed for corporate leaders to get hands-on with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, mixed/ virtual reality, IoT, autonomous vehicles, and others. EX3 knowledge experts are here to help your organization understand and identify applicable business cases and offer strategy and ideation support. Scroll to the bottom of the page to schedule a tour.

As much as we love working out of them— the Ideation Lab and Immersive Learning Lab are both designed to host corporate innovators, enabling them to operate more efficiently and creatively with the aid of EX3 facilitators and emerging tech. Healy Crews, Marketing Coordinator EX3 Labs

The EX3 Immersive Learning Lab - Tampa

Our Immersive Learning Lab at Embarc Collective is a place for corporate teams to get out of the day-to-day. Here they can learn how to think like a startup, apply agile and lean methodologies to produce value with greater speed and efficiency and develop creative problem solving techniques such as Design Thinking in order to build human-centered solutions. Scroll to the bottom of the page to schedule a tour.

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