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EX3 Labs’ Executive Programs bring leaders from multiple organizations together for in-person learning, exploration and development. Our programs are designed for specific tenures, including CEOs and Boards, Seasoned Leaders and Emerging Leaders. We combine the best of EX3 Labs and external experts from industry and academia to share cutting-edge insights and tools. To ensure high-impact learning, most programs are by invitation only.

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Jun 08

Distributed Learning with Mixed Reality: The Next Level of Enterprise Training

Monday, Jun 08|4:30pm-6:00pm

As workplaces modernize and the need for efficient, effective training methods increase, how can the concept of immersive learning and […]

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Man in HoloLens
May 11

After The Virus- What Role will Mixed Reality Play in a New Era of Remote Work?

Monday, May 11|4:30pm-6:00pm

As we all cope with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and adjust to our new reality, organizations world-wide have been forced […]

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