Listening Tours and the Importance of Closing the Feedback Loop with Kim Jenson of Raymond James

Raymond James - Raymond James' COO, Kim Jenson, makes a point of taking "listening tours" and being where the action is. Her career in financial services has given her insight into the way work/ life balance has transformed over the years, why a "people first, client first" mentality is essential, and how to close the customer feedback loop.

Seamless Interconnection and the Impact of Developing Strong Internal Partnerships – Nigel Hughes of Kellogg’s

Kellogg's - SVP of Global R&D and self-described Willy Wonka of Kellogg's, Nigel Hughes is on a journey to understand the way we consume. On this week's episode, he explains why CPG is so compelling and what makes Kellogg's a "solution-driven design house, operating like a tech company." Plus, will we be 3D printing our food in this lifetime?