Improving Customer Engagement with Augmented Reality

Cushman & Wakefield, a commercial real estate company with 400 offices in 70 countries, sought EX3 Labs to create an augmented reality experience to enhance their quarterly print publication, the Occupier Edge. The publication includes over 60 pages of content and is distributed to over 15,000 subscribers across 10+ countries. EX3 Labs worked with Cushman & Wakefield's marketing team to design and develop a marker-based augmented reality experience that would achieve 3 main goals:

  • Attract new and engage existing readers with a unique experience
  • Enhance Cushman & Wakefield's award-winning print content through immersive audio, video, and 3D graphics
  • Reinforce Cushman & Wakefield's reputation as a forward-thinking technology leader

EX3 Labs led the Cushman & Wakefield team through a light-weight Product Visioning Lab, which aligned stake-holders on the target audience, content, and the user-experience. From there, the developers had clear understanding on what to build and were able to release the application globally in just three weeks on both Android and iOS.

The result was a mobile augmented reality app that transformed the pages of The Occupier Edge into a rich digital experience. Readers of the publication were able to scan over the cover and interior pages with their mobile device to watch them come alive with 3D visualizations of buildings and graphs, a video message from the CEO, and audio insights from authors.

Optimizing Manufacturing Through Immersive Technology

As Knauf, a leading provider of building materials and construction systems, sought to digitize their manufacturing and gain a better understanding of emerging technology they partnered with EX3 Labs to address three main goals:

  • Create more efficient and less risky processes
  • Identify key users and develop creative solutions with quick wins to embed in 2020 strategic planning
  • Emerge as leaders in Industry 4.0

EX3 Labs, along with innovation partner 1871, customized a tech talk and playground to walk Knauf through emerging technologies allowing manufacturers to transform their operations. Each station was designed to foster discussion around how technologies could be applied directly to solve Knauf's pain points.

After the tech playground, EX3 Labs led Knauf through a rapid-paced Design Thinking workshop. The workshop challenged Knauf's leaders to come up with solutions that leveraged the immersive technologies they had just experiences. In a small window of time, breakout groups learned to quickly work through ideas, be forward-thinking and unburdened by limitations of current environment, and visually demonstrate solutions. The result was a series of fully fleshed-out solutions to digitize Knauf's workflow.

"What we just did... this is agile. It was impactful, and I look forward to doing a lot more of it."

Kevin McHugh, VP Strategy and Innovation

Improving Healthcare Through Design Thinking

UnityPoint Health, one of the nation's most integrated health systems, is guided by its vision to provide "the best outcomes for every patient, every time." With a dedicated team of healthcare professionals and providers, the organization works to combine "high tech medicine with genuine warmth and caring."

  • Experiencing startup culture and an environment that breeds creativity
  • Helping the organization's leadership develop an innovative mindset
  • Encouraging "future-state" thinking through discussion that helps leaders think 5-10 years out

EX3 Labs, along with its innovation partner 1871, led the organization through a design thinking session that included a look at some of the major tech trends impacting the future, the habits of some of the most innovative company cultures, and a breakout session where its leadership was broken into groups and tasked with solving a challenge through a series of time-boxed activities.

"My takeaway from this was: how do we continue to reinvent ourselves, listen to our customers, listen to our patients, and ensure that we're taking care of them in the way they expect?"

Kent Lehr
VP Strategy & Business Development

Design Sprints provide a framework for innovating quickly and effectively and are tailored to specific company needs. EX3 Labs led this organization through 4 steps: Ideation, Learning, Building, and Launching. The process taught team members how they can gain better insight into consumer needs by utilizing the ultimate design thinker's tool: empathy.

Planning for the Consumer of the Future

Conagra Brands is part of an 800 billion dollar packaged food industry that has an increasingly competitive landscape. With consumer behavior shifting and technology becoming more prevalent in the kitchen, Conagra was faced with the challenge of finding innovative ways to better understand consumer needs as they relate to food. As a result, Conagra’s Data Analytics team contacted EX3 Labs for assistance in three key areas:

  • Increasing awareness around emerging technology
  • Identifying opportunities to use emerging technology throughout their brand portfolio
  • Introducing a framework to rapidly produce and develop ideas to bolster the innovation pipeline

EX3 Labs worked with Conagra to design a day of innovation where 30+ members of the analytics team received hands-on demos of emerging technology such as drones, smart speakers, Internet of Things and mixed reality. After the tech playground, EX3 Lab’s expert facilitators led individual breakout sessions where they assisted Conagra’s team through a series of highly-structured, time-boxed exercises that included building customer journeys, personas and storyboards. The effort resulted in 6 new and innovative ideas both with the potential to provide value to consumers and achieve Conagra’s initiative of using data and technology to inform strategy.

“This was one of the best investments we’ve ever made.”
- Thatcher Schulte, Senior Director, Strategic Insights & Predictive Sciences

One opportunity identified during the innovation day was augmented and mixed reality’s ability to transform the way brands interact with consumers. Conagra’s Data Analytics team decided to test this assertion through a series of Proofs-of-Concept (POC). With the help of EX3 Labs’  UX designers, software engineers and knowledge experts, Conagra was able to develop 3 functioning / coded prototypes that could be socialized with key stakeholders, tested and validated with customers.

Reimagining The Employee Experience


Schneider Electric is a 183 year old global leader in energy management with over $28 billion in revenue. Their Global Rewards Team, confronting rapidly advancing technology, blended workforces, generational shifts, and evolving employee expectations; sought out EX3 Labs to assist them with these challenges. EX3 Labs worked with Schneider Electric to develop a theme and problem statement that focused on coming up with digital solutions to improve the employee experience in four key areas: 1. Human Resources, 2. Business Partnering, 3. Centers of Excellence, 4. Shared Services.

Over 40 Global Rewards Partners from 13 countries, including Australia, the UK,Mexico, Russia, and China were brought in to participate in an Experience Design Lab that was led by the EX3 Labs team and held at 1871, a globally
ranked technology and entrepreneurship center based in Chicago.

“We really wanted to take ourselves out of our normal corporate environment
[to] experience a more innovative startup environment.”

-Nicki Fox, Rewards Partner (Europe)

A rapid-paced keynote helped the partners learn how to become Design
Thinkers and the importance of utilizing empathy while developing new ideas. The day concluded with an Enterprise Design Thinking session where the team was broken up into smaller groups— each led by an EX3 Labs Design Thinker. The session challenged each group with leveraging emerging technology to develop the ultimate employee experience. In less than an hour, the groups collaborated to produce 5 unique solutions.

“I’m going to really recommend this for other organizations as well as other
colleagues of mine.”
- Lipka Verma, Rewards Partner (Global)

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