Immersive Learning Lab Dedication – Pullman Elementary

CHICAGO — On September 27th, 2017, Chicago tech startup EX3 Labs, in partnership with Conagra Brands and 1871, is pleased to announce the donation of the Immersive Learning Lab to George M. Pullman Elementary School. The dedication is the first in EX3 Labs’ Immersive Learning Lab (ILL) Mission.

“We are extremely excited, and also honored, to receive this gift of technology, said Donnell Rader, Interim Principal at Pullman Elementary School. “Part of what we aim to do as educators is stretch the minds of all of our students. The exposure to the Immersive Learning Lab will do just that. Today Pullman, tomorrow the world!”
The Immersive Learning Lab includes a Google Expedition Kit that allows students to take field trips across the globe, visit the world’s oceans, learn about new careers and more, all with the help of virtual reality technology.
The Google Expedition Kit consists of:
  • 20 Student Devices
  • 20 VR Viewers
  • 1 Teacher Tablet
  • Over 600 Expeditions for Students to experience